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Put PC Designer on your website!

Do you sell customised computers?

Ever wished you could offer your customers a slick web interface for configuring their PC?

PC Designer Lite is an end user version of PC Designer specifically designed to be placed on computer seller websites.
  • Instantly empower your website with a slick PC customisation tool rivalling major computer sellers like Dell.
  • Allow your customers to customise their PC with an unparalleled choice of components, all from within a user-friendly interface.
  • Automatically ensure that PC's customized by your clients only involve compatible components.
  • Have total control on the components available to your clients, and hide components you do not wish customers to choose.
  • Set your own starting price and margins for all components.
  • Guarantee availability to your client by automatically offering PC configurations with components we currently stock.
  • Choose your level of integration: either get an email when customer places an order (no server scripting required), or  Integrate PC Designer Lite with your checkout process.
  • Do it all for FREE!

See the Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Click here to request your PC Designer Lite starter Kit now