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Frequently Asked Questions about the PC Designer

Q: What is the PC Designer?
A: LambdaTek's PC Designer is an innovative tool created by system builders and aimed squarely at system builders, both professional and novices. PC Designer is a wizard allowing you to assemble your PC with the huge array of components available through our online shop

Q: So what are its strong points?
A: PC Designer's slick interface makes is a snap to design your PC. Moreover it has inbuilt intelligence that ensures you only choose components that are compatible.

Q: Wow. So it can tell me if (e.g.) my motherboard is compatible with my processor?
A: Yes! As at every stage of you PC design, you will only be presented with the components that are compatible with all the ones you have already chosen.

Q: So how does PC Designer work out the compatibility between components?
A: We have painstakingly generated a specification matrix for all products available to the PC Designer. An internal algorithm then uses this data to evaluate the inter-component compatibility.

Q: I just want to test the compatibility between two components. Can I do that?
A: Yes, just select the two components you wish to test for compatibility and view the results.

Q: What an Amazing tool! Does it cost anything to use?
A: Not a penny! Feel to use it to your hearts content to create your designs. When you are ready then you can buy the components for your design by a single click on the "Review & Add To Basket" page.

Q: It is free to use? So what is in it for you?
A: We first created this tool for our own internal use, but realised that this tool could benefit from the direct input from the system builder community. As system builders we are excited about this tool which to date seems to be unique, and are happy to see a growing number of users are using it routinely.

Q: I have found a mistake in your spec. Can I correct it?
A: Yes you can! We encourage users to contribute to this project by submitting corrections whenever they see mistakes. Just click on the "Edit..." button in the spec tab and submit your corrections. We will publish them after reviewing them.

Q: I build and sell PC's. Can I put PC Designer on my web site so that my customers can configure their PC?
A: Yes you can place a fully customized version of PC Designer on your web site.  You will be able to specify your own prices and customise the "Review & Add To Basket" page so that users will be able to place orders directly with you (you can either receive an email notification, or the order can be placed directly on your servers. See here for more details.