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Microsemi PowerDsine 9501G (Midspan/Outdoor 1p 60W 10/100/1000 DC)
Price reduced for CLEARANCE!
Mfr. Num: PD-9501G/24VDC
Quick Code: C-B1892899
Microsemi   1 £73.89
£88.67 inc VAT
Cisco 800-IL-PM-2 PoE adapter (2 PORT 802.3AF COMPATIBLE - 2 port 802.3af capable inline power module for 880 routers)
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Mfr. Num: 800-IL-PM-2=
Quick Code: B271226
Cisco   4 £123.27
£147.92 inc VAT
Cisco 800G2-POE-2= PoE adapter (2 PORT 802.3AF COMPATIBLE POE - MODULE FOR 880 SERIES)
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Mfr. Num: 800G2-POE-2=
Quick Code: 2895506
Cisco   2 £132.06
£158.47 inc VAT
Ubiquiti Networks POE-15-12W PoE adapter (PoE Injector 15V 12W)
Mfr. Num: POE-15-12W
Quick Code: B2037263
Ubiquiti Networks   51 £8.33
£10.00 inc VAT
Ubiquiti Networks POE-24-24W PoE adapter (Poe Injector 24V 24W - Warranty: 1Y)
Mfr. Num: POE-24-24W
Quick Code: B2037291
Ubiquiti Networks   56 £14.01
£16.81 inc VAT
Ubiquiti Networks POE-24-12W-G PoE adapter (PoE Injector 24V 12W Gigabit)
Mfr. Num: POE-24-12W-G
Quick Code: B2106357
Ubiquiti Networks   85 £15.61
£18.73 inc VAT
Ubiquiti Networks TS-8-PRO PoE adapter (ToughSwitch 8-port Pro)
Mfr. Num: TS-8-PRO
Quick Code: B2037286
Ubiquiti Networks   62 £150.56
£180.67 inc VAT
ZyXEL PoE12-HP (POE12-HP Adapter - Power-Over-Ethernet Adapter, 1 Port Gigabit-Ethernet mit PoE-Stromversorgung/ bis zu 30W)
Mfr. Num: POE12-HP-EU0102F
Quick Code: B2139861
ZyXEL   45 £32.12
£38.54 inc VAT
Veracity POINTSOURCE Wireless (Veracity POINTSOURCE Wireless)
Mfr. Num: VAD-PSW
Quick Code: B3047050
Veracity   4 £344.38
£413.26 inc VAT
D-Link DPE-101GI PoE adapter (1-PORT GIGABIT POE INJECTOR 802 - 10/100/100BASE-T IN)
Mfr. Num: DPE-101GI
Quick Code: B5080414
d   26 £19.36
£23.23 inc VAT
Ubiquiti Networks POE-24-12W PoE adapter (PoE Injector 24V 12W)
Mfr. Num: POE-24-12W
Quick Code: B2598284
Ubiquiti Networks   15 £8.90
£10.68 inc VAT
TP-LINK PoE Injector (TP-Link TL-PoE150S PoE Injector Adapter)
Mfr. Num: TL-PoE150S
Quick Code: B468181
TP-LINK   496 £20.11
£24.13 inc VAT POEINJ1GW PoE adapter (1-Port Gigabit Midspan - PoE+ Injector)
Quick Code: B3424333   7 £59.05
£70.86 inc VAT
Auerswald PoE Injector (POE INJECTOR - 10/100Mbit/s, IEEE 802.3af, 48V, schwarz)
Mfr. Num: 90075
Quick Code: B3012294
Auerswald   60 £14.54
£17.45 inc VAT
Phihong PSA16U-480(POE) PoE adapter (15.4W 802.3af 1-Port POE - ** 3 leg Power cable NOT incl* - MIDSPAN, 16W, 10/100 0,5amp - Warranty: 1Y)
Mfr. Num: PSA16U-480-POE
Quick Code: B924565
Phihong   22 £25.96
£31.15 inc VAT
Axis T81B22 (T81B22 DC 30W MIDSPAN - f/PTZ dome and fixed ext cams - IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3af compliant, 12-24 VDC or 50-57 VDC, -20 C to 65 C - Warranty: 1Y)
Mfr. Num: 5023-121
Quick Code: 2411490
Axis   16 £73.92
£88.70 inc VAT
EnGenius EPE-1212 PoE adapter (PoE injector - Warranty: 2Y)
Mfr. Num: EPE-1212
Quick Code: B1203341
EnGenius   7 £10.21
£12.25 inc VAT
Axis T8640 (T8640 POE over coax adapter - Warranty: 1Y)
Mfr. Num: 5026-401
Quick Code: 2411484
Axis   4 £305.68
£366.82 inc VAT
Mfr. Num: MA-INJ-4-EU
Quick Code: 3102434
Meraki   £84.39
£101.27 inc VAT
Ubiquiti Networks POE-24-24W-G PoE adapter (PoE Gigabit Injector 24V 24W)
Mfr. Num: POE-24-24W-G
Quick Code: B2139724
Ubiquiti Networks   57 £14.52
£17.42 inc VAT
Ubiquiti Networks INS-8023AF-I PoE adapter (Instant 802.3af adapter Indoor)
Mfr. Num: INS-8023AF-I
Quick Code: B2037313
Ubiquiti Networks   13 £15.44
£18.53 inc VAT
ASSMANN Electronic DN-95104 PoE adapter (PoE Ultra Injektor, 60 Watt - DIGITUS PoE Ultra Injector, 802.3at, 10/100/1000 Mbps Output max. 48V, 60W)
Mfr. Num: DN-95104
Quick Code: B3007266
ASSMANN Electronic   2 £36.32
£43.58 inc VAT
Trendnet TPE-115GI PoE adapter (POE+ GIGABIT INJECTOR - .)
Mfr. Num: TPE-115GI
Quick Code: B1607327
Trendnet   59 £28.75
£34.50 inc VAT
Microsemi PD-3501G/AC PoE adapter (Microsemi PowerDsine PD-3501G/AC, 1-Port PoE Midspan, 10/100/1000BaseT, AC Input)
Mfr. Num: PD-3501G/AC
Quick Code: B1892889
Microsemi   474 £45.54
£54.65 inc VAT
Mikrotik RBPOE PoE adapter (Mikrotik RBPOE FastEth PoE adapter with shielded connectors, supports 9-48V PoE)
Mfr. Num: RBPOE
Quick Code: B2131248
Mikrotik   18 £5.08
£6.10 inc VAT
Digitus DN-95002 PoE adapter (Passive supply PoE, 1xRJ45, 1xDC, 1xPoE)
Mfr. Num: DN-95002
Quick Code: B2080702
Digitus   11 £3.97
£4.76 inc VAT
Axis T8120 (T8120 15W MIDSPAN 1-PORT - Warranty: 1Y)
Mfr. Num: 5026-202
Quick Code: 2529548
Axis   102 £40.84
£49.01 inc VAT
D-Link DPE-101GI PoE adapter (1 Port Gigabit POE Injector (48V / 19.2W))
Mfr. Num: DPE-101GI
Quick Code: B570216
D-Link   51 £20.68
£24.82 inc VAT
Axis T8120 (AXIS T8120 Midspan 15 W 1-port - PoE injector - AC 100-240 V - 15 Watt - United Kingdom - for AXIS M1011, M1011-W, M1013, M1014, M1031-W)
Mfr. Num: 5026-203
Quick Code: 2530040
Axis   9 £42.95
£51.54 inc VAT
Planet POE152 PoE adapter (Power Over Ethernet Injektor - PLANET PoE Injector, 802.3af, 10/100/1000 Mbps Output max. 48V, 15.4W)
Mfr. Num: POE-152
Quick Code: B3252022
Planet   3 £28.76
£34.51 inc VAT
Axis T8124-E (T8124-E Outdoor Midspan 60W - For Q603x - Warranty: 3Y)
Mfr. Num: 5031-241
Quick Code: 2583511
Axis   7 £224.54
£269.45 inc VAT
Ubiquiti Networks INS-8023AF-O PoE adapter (Instant Outdoor 802.3af Adapt - Warranty: 1Y)
Mfr. Num: INS-8023AF-O
Quick Code: B2037330
Ubiquiti Networks   35 £24.30
£29.16 inc VAT
Axis T8129 (T8129 PoE extender - Warranty: 1Y)
Mfr. Num: 5025-281
Quick Code: 2411491
Axis   9 £146.59
£175.91 inc VAT
Mfr. Num: POE12-HP-GB0102F
Quick Code: 2392979
ZyXEL   8 £48.89
£58.67 inc VAT
Veracity POINTSOURCE Plus (Veracity POINTSOURCE Plus)
Mfr. Num: VAD-PSP
Quick Code: B3304322
Veracity   3 £195.90
£235.08 inc VAT
Hewlett Packard Enterprise J9407B PoE adapter (HP 1-port Power Injector)
Mfr. Num: J9407B
Quick Code: 2278291
HP   5 £60.40
£72.48 inc VAT
Ubiquiti Networks POE-24-AF5X PoE adapter (Ubiquiti POE-24 Gigabit Ethernet adapter for AF5X - PoE 24V, 1A, 24W)
Mfr. Num: POE-24-AF5X
Quick Code: B2598583
Ubiquiti Networks   6 £17.35
£20.82 inc VAT
Trendnet TPE-113GI PoE adapter (Gigabit Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector)
Mfr. Num: TPE-113GI
Quick Code: B941485
Trendnet   4 £21.62
£25.94 inc VAT
Digitus PoE Injector, 802.3af (PoE Energieversorger, 802.3af - Entspricht dem 802.3af PoE Standard, 48 Volt Ausgangsspannung, 15,4 Watt, RJ45 LAN Eingang, LAN(RJ45) Ausgang, Kabelverbindung: 10/100...
Mfr. Num: DN-95102
Quick Code: B3006053
ASSMANN Electronic   4 £19.65
£23.58 inc VAT
Ubiquiti Networks POE-48-24W PoE adapter (PoE Injector 48V-24W)
Mfr. Num: POE-48-24W
Quick Code: B2037261
Ubiquiti Networks   1 £11.77
£14.12 inc VAT
EnGenius EPE-5818Gaf (Gigabit PoE - with 48V power Adapter - (ETSI) - Warranty: 2Y)
Mfr. Num: EPE-5818GAF
Quick Code: B926190
EnGenius   3 £41.93
£50.32 inc VAT
Axis 5027-421 PoE adapter (T8642 poe over coax devi - Warranty: 1Y)
Mfr. Num: 5027-421
Quick Code: 2411486
Axis   2 £161.40
£193.68 inc VAT
Mikrotik RBGPOE-CON-HP PoE adapter (Mikrotik RBGPOE-CON-HP 48 to 24V Gigabit PoE Converter)
Quick Code: B2630770
Mikrotik   4 £20.08
£24.10 inc VAT
Funkwerk Gigabit PoE Injector (GIGABIT POE INJECTOR - PoE Injector für LAN 10/100/1000 Mbit/s, 100-240V, EU-Stecker, Ausgang 48V/0,35A/ passend für Access Points, IP-Telefone, usw.)
Mfr. Num: 5530000082
Quick Code: B3019232
Bintec-elmeg   11 £68.44
£82.13 inc VAT
Ubiquiti Networks airGateway (Ubiquiti airGateway 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n WISP Customer AP Wi-Fi Router Solution)
Mfr. Num: airGateway
Quick Code: B2037233
Ubiquiti Networks   42 £17.40
£20.88 inc VAT
Axis T8133 (T8133 30W MIDSPAN - Warranty: 1Y)
Mfr. Num: 5900-292
Quick Code: 3014402
Axis   78 £58.71
£70.45 inc VAT
Lancom Systems 61738 PoE adapter (LANCOM GE POE+ INJECTOR (EU) - 1-Port PoE-Injektor mit Gigabit-Unterstützung, integriertes Netzteil, kompatibel zum IEEE 802.3af/at Standard, Distanzen bis zu 100...
Mfr. Num: 61738
Quick Code: B3013883
Lancom Systems   82 £75.18
£90.22 inc VAT
Mikrotik RBGPOE PoE adapter (Mikrotik RBGPOE Gigabit PoE adapter with shielded connectors, supports 9-48V PoE)
Mfr. Num: RBGPOE
Quick Code: B2094451
Mikrotik   17 £6.69
£8.03 inc VAT
Intellinet 502931 PoE adapter (8X10/100 PoE Switch (8 PoE) RM)
Mfr. Num: 502931
Quick Code: B2578586
Manhattan   1 £144.12
£172.94 inc VAT
Ubiquiti Networks TS-5-POE PoE adapter (ToughSwitch 5-port PoE)
Mfr. Num: TS-5-POE
Quick Code: B2037315
Ubiquiti Networks   2 £73.20
£87.84 inc VAT

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