Storage Tek Oracle MED99400060 blank data tape



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  • MPN: MED99400060
  • Quick Code: B260717
  • Manufacturer: Storage Tek
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Oracle MED99400060 blank data tapeSun StorageTek 9940 Tape Cartridge, 2:1

As data volumes increase, you need to find innovative ways to store more data in the
same footprint. This is the need met by Sun StorageTek™ 9940 tape cartridges. When paired
with the Sun StorageTek™ T9940B tape drive, a single StorageTek 9940 tape cartridge stores
up to 200 GB of native data, and far more with data compression. The result? You can meet your
growing data storage requirements and unleash the value of your tape drives and libraries.

Capacity-centric technology
The StorageTek 9940 tape cartridge was designed so that when it is used with StorageTek T9940B
tape drives it can store up to 200 GB of uncompressed data, or up to 400 GB with 2:1 data
compression, on a single cartridge. This ultra-high capacity makes the StorageTek 9940
tape cartridge ideal for your high-volume archiving, backup, and disaster recovery applications.

Easy integration
Based on the 3480 form factor, the capacitycentric StorageTek 9940 tape cartridge integrates
simply and easily with your current StorageTek automated tape systems. These cartridges are
system-tested for use with Sun StorageTek T9940A/T9940B tape drives, as well as with
supported StorageTek tape automation systems and software.

Durable design
The StorageTek 9940 tape cartridge, built to perform a minimum of 10,000 tape mounts, features a single-reel form factor with a leader block designed for high reliability. Its innovative heavy-duty shell design offers excellent physical protection, which means fewer damaged cartridges and lower replacement and data recovery costs.

Ready to use
You can save resources by having VOLSER (volume serial number) labels applied prior to delivery. StorageTek 9940 tape cartridges can be pre-labeled and initialized, then verified with a triple quality check. This process reduces the pitfalls associated with poorly applied labels.