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PowerColor HD4650 PCI-E/512MB DDR2/2DVI/TVO/FAN

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Quick Code: 1736843

Manufacturer: PowerColor

Mfr. Part Number: LF R73B-PE3


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PowerColor AX4650 512MD2-H GDDR2AX4650 512MD2-H - Radeon HD4650, PCIE 2.0, 512MB DDR2, 128bit, VGA Out, 2 x DVI-I, HDMI, HDCP

514 million transistors on 55nm fabrication process
PCI Express 2.0 x16 bus interface
GDDR3/DDR3/DDR2 memory interface (depending on model)

Microsoft DirectX 10.1 support
- Shader Model 4.1
- 32-bit floating point texture filtering
- Indexed cube map arrays
- Independent blend modes per render target
- Pixel coverage sample masking
- Read/write multi-sample surfaces with shaders
- Gather4 texture fetching

Unified Superscalar Shader Architecture
- 320 stream processing units
- 128-bit floating point precision for all operations
- Command processor for reduced CPU overhead
- Shader instruction and constant caches
- Up to 128 texture fetches per clock cycle
- Up to 128 textures per pixel
- Fully associative multi-level texture cache design
- DXTC and 3Dc+ texture compression
- High resolution texture support (up to 8192 x 8192)
- Fully associative texture Z/stencil cache designs
- Double-sided hierarchical Z/stencil buffer
- Early Z test and Fast Z Clear
- Lossless Z & stencil compression (up to 128:1)
- Lossless color compression (up to 8:1)
- 8 render targets (MRTs) with anti-aliasing support
- Physics processing support

Dynamic Geometry Acceleration
- High performance vertex cache
- Programmable tessellation unit
- Accelerated geometry shader path for geometry amplification
- Memory read/write cache for improved stream output performance

Anti-aliasing features
- Multi-sample anti-aliasing (2, 4, or 8 samples per pixel)
- Up to 24x Custom Filter Anti-Aliasing (CFAA) for superior quality
- Adaptive super-sampling and multi-sampling
- Gamma correct
- Super AA (ATI CrossFireX? configurations only)
- All anti-aliasing features compatible with HDR rendering

Texture filtering features
- 2x/4x/8x/16x high quality adaptive anisotropic filtering modes (up to 128 taps per pixel)
- 128-bit floating point HDR texture filtering
- sRGB filtering (gamma/degamma)
- Percentage Closer Filtering (PCF)
- Depth & stencil texture (DST) format support
- Shared exponent HDR (RGBE 9:9:9:5) texture format support

OpenGL 3.1 support

ATI Avivo? HD Video and Display Platform1
- 2nd generation Unified Video Decoder (UVD 2
- Hardware MPEG-1 and DivX video decode acceleration
- ATI Avivo Video Post Processor1
- Two independent display controllers
- Two integrated DVI display outputs
- Two integrated 400 MHz 30-bit RAMDACs
- DisplayPort? output support
- HDMI output support
- Integrated AMD Xilleon? HDTV encoder
- Seamless integration of pixel shaders with video in real time
- VGA mode support on all display outputs

ATI PowerPlay? Technology
- Advanced power management technology for optimal performance and power savings
- Performance-on-Demand
- Central thermal management – on-chip sensor monitors GPU temperature and triggers thermal actions as required

ATI CrossFireX? Multi-GPU Technology
- Scale up rendering performance and image quality with two GPUs
- Integrated compositing engine
- High performance bridge interconnect

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