Hauppauge PCTV tripleStick 292e DVB-C,DVB-T,DVB-T2 USB


(PCTV Systems 292e. Freeview HD DVB-T USB2.0 Digital TV tuner for Windows PCs. Watch and record Freeview HD (and SD) digital TV in MPEG quality with stereo sound, inc Remote Control.Vendor sku 23076.)

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  • MPN: 23076
  • Quick Code: 2108131
  • Manufacturer: Hauppauge
  • EAN code:0785428230764
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Hauppauge PCTV tripleStick 292e DVB-C,DVB-T,DVB-T2 USBPCTV tripleStick HD 292e - DVB-T2/T/C, USB 2.0, MCX connector

The first triple mode USB digital TV tuner for Windows: for DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C digital TV!
Plug the PCTV 292e into a USB port on your Windows PC or laptop and you can watch, pause & record Freeview High Definition and Standard Definition TV. PCTV tripleStick 292e is the world's first triple mode USB TV receiver for Windows PC's and laptops. The 292e can receive Freeview HD (DVB-T2), Freeview SD (DVB-T) and "free-to-view" digital cable TV (DVB-C) on your Windows PC.

In addition to live over-the-air DVB-T2 HD TV, the PCTV 292e can also receive DVB-T. If you live in an area which does not broadcast the high definition DVB-T2 signal yet, you can watch the standard Freeview DVB-T and upgrade to DVB-T2 when it comes to your area.

Never miss your favourite TV show again!
The PCTV 292e comes with TVCenter 6 and DistanTV applications for Windows. With TVCenter, you can watch or record your favourite TV programs in your PC, in a window or full screen. TV recordings made with the PCTV 292e can be scheduled and played back from mobile devices as well as from the PC or Mac.

With DistanTV, the PCTV 292e can stream your favourite TV programs to your iPhone, iPad or your Android-based tablets or smartphones plus a PC or Mac.

The PCTV 292e turns your PC into a high definition DVR
Plug the 292e into your PC and turn it into a HDTV digital video recorder (DVR). With the included TVCenter 6 application, you can watch HD or SD TV on your PC screen, in a window or full screen. A built-in Electronic Program Guide (EPG) allows you to see what's on TV now and what's coming up. Schedule TV recordings with the EPG. Plus pause live TV and record your favourite TV programs in the full digital TV format.The PCTV 292e is fully backward compatible to DVB-T and delivers outstanding reception for both DVB-T and DVB-T2 broadcast standards.

New! Now with support for LinuxTV
LinuxTV.org is now distributing the support for the PCTV 292e, so if you are building your own Linux system and want to add TV, the PCTV 292e is for you! To get the latest Linux support, make sure you are using Linux version 3.16 or later. For more information, go to LinuxTV.org.

New! Digital TV for WD NAS drives
The DVBLink TV application (available from DVBLogic.com) allows you to plug the 292e into your Western Digital MyCloud EX2 or EX4 NAS drive and watch or record digital TV in your home.

- Triple mode TV receiver: Freeview HD (DVB-T2), Freeview (DVB-T) and free-to-view digital cable (DVB-C)
- Plugs into the USB port on your laptop or desktop PC. Can also be used with the WD EX2 and EX4 NAS drives
- Watch free Digital Terrestial TV on your Windows PC in HD (DVB-T2) and SD (DVB-T)
- Record your digital TV programmes in the original digital quality
- Improved TV receiver with superior over-the-air TV reception
- Includes TVCenter 6, for TV in a window or full screen
- Use the included DistanTV to stream TV wirelessly to iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and PCs or Macs
- Support for DVB-T radio
- Remote control